Operational Update on COVID-19 – March 17

We are writing to you today to provide more information regarding what further actions Proline Management is taking in response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.  We will continue to update you as events progress, but are fully committed to continuing to provide our clients with needed support and service during this time. As this unprecedented situation has us at home for increasing periods of time, we recognize the key role we need to continue to play in keeping everyone as safe and healthy as possible in the circumstances.  We continue to believe that through these challenges, we all have an opportunity to care for and support our communities through proactive solutions, calm interactions and taking steps to protect one other.

To ensure the safety and health of our team and our ability to continue to provide services to you, we are implementing the following measures with immediate effect:

  • Team members will no longer be permitted to attend council meetings in person. We have a number of teleconference bridges that are available and effective in conducting council meetings that can be utilized to continue the conduct of strata business.  We are also exploring other technological solutions for meetings going forward, but teleconferencing is currently the most robust option, with the best sound quality and available to all clients, including many that do not own computers or have only limited computer experience.
  • We are recommending that in person general meetings be postponed or run by proxy. We have a team currently working on a new process and procedure that we believe will allow owner participation prior to general meetings.  This will allow key business items, such as approval of the budget and election of a strata council to allow the continued operations of your strata corporations.  Until then, if you are a council member and have a general meeting scheduled or upcoming, please contact your property manager for more information.
  • For all of our health and safety, we are closing our office locations to walk-in traffic. Attendance at our office by council members, owners, residents, tenants and trades will need to be pre-arranged and will be limited to one person at a time per meeting.  As with previous recommendations, please do not attend at our offices, even if pre-arranged, if you feel sick, have been in contact with anyone that is sick, or have recently travelled internationally in accordance with public health recommendations.

We continue to prepare for future potentialities. At this time, we are confident in our ability to continue business operations, in a limited capacity, from our office locations with as many team members as possible working remotely to ensure clients are fully supported.  However, we will continue to advise you as our approach changes while the situation continues to develops

Thank you in advance for your cooperative and understanding approach to this situation, and please continue to take care of yourselves!

Your Proline Management Team

March 19, 2020

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