Operational Update on COVID-19 – Financial Considerations & Payment Methods

We are all dealing with unprecedented challenges as a result of the COVID-19 virus. While the primary response is appropriately focused on the health and safety of our local and global communities, there is a significant impact on our individual financial security and ability to maintain safe and secure homes. This is highlighted as an ever more central need as people are responsibly staying home and avoiding contact with others.

We understand the challenges our community members are facing when it comes to paying basic housing costs, and we share your experiences and concerns. While owners and strata corporations still need to be able to pay bills and maintain properties, we are also seeing opportunities for flexibility. It is our intention to work with individuals that are the most affected in order to alleviate some of this financial pressure. If you’re experiencing challenges paying your rent or strata fees, please reach out to your property manager regarding your specific circumstances, and we will review these situations on a case by case basis.

Due to the governance requirements and the need for strata corporations to continue to function and maintain their buildings, even more important now that so many individuals are spending time at home and using the buildings’ services, strata corporations are not able to defer strata fee payments. However, we understand the financial limitations owners are facing, and so the arrears process will be adjusted to allow greater leniency in following up on strata fee arrears.

While we will address individual situations with guidance from our owners and strata councils, Proline is also taking initiative as an organization to help ease the burden on already stretched budgets. For example, we won’t be charging late fees on rent or NSF fees for rent or strata fees. We will also be adapting our arrears process to ensure we continue to protect our clients’ interests while acknowledging the difficulties we are all facing.

While we can no longer accept cash payments, we will continue to make alternative solutions available. Please contact us via email for specific alternatives, which will vary depending on what you are trying to pay. You can reach out to your property management team or email proline@prolinemanagement.com.

Thank you in advance for your cooperative and understanding approach to this situation, and please continue to take care of yourselves!

Your Proline Management Team

March 19, 2020

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