Frequently Asked Questions


Strata fees are due and payable on the first of every month.

Yes you can. Please download our Pre-Authorized Debit Form, complete it and return it to us. Forms that are received in our office by the twenty-fifth of the month will have the PAD effective on the first day of the following month. Any arrears that have accrued prior to that date will have to be paid separately by cheque.

Alterations are generally guided by the bylaws of the strata corporation and the Strata Property Act. You cannot make alterations of a structural nature and should generally not make alterations without seeking the permission of the strata council.

An alteration that is frequently requested is the installation of a hardwood floor. Many strata corporation bylaws do not permit these installations, and if they are installed either in contravention of the bylaws of the strata corporation or without permission, the strata corporation may require them to be removed.

If there are alterations requiring changes to electrical or plumbing fixtures, strata council permission is generally required and a permit should always be sought.

Before doing any alterations you should contact the property manager in writing with a request outlining the specific alterations that you wish to make. The property manager will review the bylaws, review the request with the strata council and then will respond in writing. The response may decline the request or it may grant the request with specific conditions. Please make sure you always follow the conditions outlined, as they will have been set out either in your bylaws or by the strata council.

To make an alteration request, please start by reviewing your bylaws and submitting a request:

If you are an owner and you would like copies of strata documents please complete our Owner Request Form. This will be submitted to us electronically. You will be phoned to pick up the documents when they are ready for pick up. Payment for documents must be made by cheque or cash when you pick up the documents.

A¬†Form B is the strata corporation‚Äôs information certificate.¬†The required contents of this form are set out in the Regulations of the¬†Strata Property Act.¬†Required information includes (i) the monthly strata fees, (ii) any arrears of strata fees, (iii) any alteration agreements affecting the strata lot, (iv) any upcoming special levies, (v) bylaw amendments that have not yet have been registered, (vi) ¬ĺ vote resolutions for which notice has been given but not yet voted upon, (vii) a copy of the strata corporation‚Äôs depreciation report, if any, and (viii) the number of strata lots that are rented,¬†and (ix) a number of other items.¬†If you are a council member, you should never sign a Form B.¬† These should always be done by the property manager.

The Form K is a form set out in the Strata Property Act. This form must be signed by any person renting either a unit or a room in a unit in a strata development. It provides confirmation that the tenant has received a copy of the bylaws of the strata corporation and agrees to abide by them. If the Form K is not received, there are various remedies against the owner that are set out in the strata corporation bylaws and the Strata Property Act. In addition, failure to have a tenant sign a Form K provides the tenant with certain rights under the Residential Tenancy Act. You can download a Form K from our Forms page.

There is a strict process for bylaw complaints and this means it takes time. The first step of an incident is to talk to your neighbours. If you need assistance from there, we require the date, time, place, and nature of the incident in writing to take to council: Bylaw And/Or Rule Violation Complaint Form. Please note that while you will not be disclosed as a complainant, anonymous complaints are nearly impossible for the strata corporation to enforce if challenged.

Complaints will generally be discussed at council meetings, after which the property manager will send a letter to the offender noting that a complaint was received and warning them about the action. If there is a significant issue where a warning is not appropriate or if a more minor issue persists and further complaints are received, an additional letter will be sent (after review with council) outlining a potential fine and giving the offender an opportunity to respond in writing or attend a hearing before council to explain the situation. If the offender does not respond in writing or request a hearing, the strata council will decide whether a fine should be imposed and what the appropriate fine is in the circumstances. If an offender does respond in writing or attend a hearing, the council will make a decision based on the facts presented.

Many strata corporations have specific bylaws that outline the move in and move out procedures. Often you will need to advise a caretaker, council member or the property manager of your moving plans. Please review the bylaws for your particular strata corporation to see what the appropriate procedures are. If you have any questions after reviewing the bylaws, please email our team at for assistance.

Please see the link below for specific instructions on how to add Proline Management to your safe senders list or email address book. Find the appropriate section for the email provider you use and follow the steps below.

If you require further assistance please call our office and ask for Adrian at 250-475-6440 ext 137 and he will be happy to help.

Safe sender instructions.

Rental Owner

Rental proceeds for small properties are sent out on the first business day before the 15th of the month in which they are received.  We are able to deposit your rental proceeds electronically. If we do that for you, it will appear in your account within two days following the 15th of the month. If you would like to set up electronic payment of rental proceeds please contact our accounting department.

Our fee varies depending on the location of your property, the number of units involved and whether you are an out of country investor or not. Please contact our office or use our Request a Rental Property Proposal form for a specific quote.

Your monthly management fee secures the services and experience of a licensed professional property manager assigned specifically to you. Your property manager will handle the marketing, tenant screening, tenant installment, collection of deposits and rents, service calls, monthly reporting and property maintenance. Your property manager will look after all of these tasks and spare you the substantial time commitment necessary to thoroughly protect and preserve your investment.

We do. We will work with the tenants to resolve any issues and will ensure that the required maintenance is done to a good standard. If there are major expenses required, we will contact you to discuss them before spending any money unless it is an emergency situation.

We have a group of independent trades and handymen that we use for most of the repair work that is required on properties. For small jobs we will send the trade that we believe is most suited to deal with the problem. For larger jobs we will get quotes and contact the owner for permission prior to authorizing the work.

Although your property is looked after by a specific Property Manager, all of the Property Managers are part of our rental management team. Before your Property Manager leaves on vacation, he/she will give a briefing to another member of the team so that any pending issues at your property remain on track. The Property Manager who is monitoring your property will also report to you on any concerns that arise while your regular Property Manager is away.


Rent is always due on or before the first of the month.

Rent is paid to Proline Management Ltd. We take cheque, money order, or pre-authorized debit via your bank. You may leave a cheque (no cash) in our drop box located on the exterior of our building at 20 Burnside Road West.

Rent payments that are received after the first of the month are subject to a $25 late fee. In addition, cheques or pre-authorized debits that are returned by your bank are also subject to an NSF $25 fee.

If you cannot pay your rent contact your Property Manager as soon as possible to discuss your options. At this point, the Property Manager would be within their rights to post a 10 Day Notice to end Tenancy.

Please contact your Property Manager as soon as possible. Contact can be made by phone, email or online request through our website. Emergent repairs should always be telephoned.

Living in a multi-unit dwelling has its pros and cons. Complaints related to noise travel, smoking and other nuisances can become an issue when living in such close quarters. Should you wish to make a complaint please contact your Property Manager in writing.

As per your agreement, only those persons noted on the agreement may occupy the unit. The tenant must apply in writing, for permission to have another person not named in the agreement to occupy the unit. An application must be completed and the rent may be increased for the additional occupant.

Should you wish to vacate the unit, please consult your Residential Tenancy Agreement as there is a clause in this agreement that states how long you have agreed to rent the unit. If you are in violation of this clause, additional fees may apply. Once you have this information you must provide proper notice, in writing, to Proline Management Ltd., at least one (1) month in advance.

Our 24-hour emergency line helps to cover the unexpected. An on-call property manager can always be reached at 250.475.6440.