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From building communities, planning for the future, to maintaining assets, we provide clients with peace-of-mind property management services for your strata, rental, and commercial properties.

Strata Management

Stratas made simple.

Decoding bylaws, navigating conflict, chasing arrears. It’s complex stuff that can eat up time and headspace. We partner with strata corporations of all types and sizes — residential, mixed use and commercial properties — to make the hard things easier.

Rental Management

Rentals the right way.

Our rental portfolio includes large, small, and mixed-use apartment buildings, and more than 500 single-family homes, duplexes and condominiums. We’re committed to creating communities where people want to live and stay.

Developer Assistance

Informed development.

Handing off administrative burden means more time simply to live and enjoy your home, free of stress. For homeowners, it’s opportunity to shift the conversation from co-management to community building — and for neighbours to become neighbours again.

Commercial Management

Commercial oversight you can trust.

When it comes to mixed-use commercial, retail and office strata corporations, our experience runs deep. Choose us and you’ll get technical guidance and tactical support.

Let go of your strata worries.

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