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The Site Services experience Proline Management offers is first in class, and has revolutionized our development onboarding and purchaser service experience. The integration of the Site Service program has streamlined the development handover process in a meaningful and efficient way.

Joe Sopp

Le Fevre & Co Property Agents Ltd.

Proline provides many services which facilitate the efficient operation of our Strata. These include communication, budgeting, emergency contacts, minutes, and seminars. Communication is essential to maintaining a harmonious Strata and Proline does.

Perhaps the most significant aspect of Proline’s management is their expertise they provide through their managers. In our case, our property manager, has given us excellent guidance on all matters related to bylaws and the Strata Property Act so that we have avoided mistakes that might have happened had we acted on our own. A Strata needs a property management company, and there is none better than Proline.

Noel Pumfrey

Madrona Creek

There are many words which I could use to describe my feelings with regards to my association with Elaine and Proline management. Trust, feedback, communication, availability, flexibility, kindness, and a problem solver only to name a few.

During my time as strata president, I have enjoyed an effective business relationship as we endeavour to efficiently administer the strata matters in a forthright manner. There was a huge element of trust in our management consultant knowing that her knowledge and total understanding of the necessary legislation on the Strata Property Act would keep us on track. Honest feedback and constructive criticism were useful tools that ultimately assisted me and the council to perform better. We have been able to effectively build an excellent business relationship.

Dave Perry


Proline Management has taken care of our condominium since January 1994 and I have to tell you that they are The Best.

Wayne Watkins was our Manager and he kept us in line till 2002 when he introduced me to Elaine Ferguson. We have had the support of Eric Spurling throughout the years and especially when we were one of the leaky condos. I have often told Eric that he can never take Elaine from us and he just smiles as much as to say “you win”.

PROLINE IS A KEEPER. I will not let them leave us. My best wishes to ‘THE BEST’.

Marjorie Milwarde-Yates

The Brittany

Eagleridge Estates has relied on Proline for property management services for over 15 years. Simply stated, all in our community believe their expertise in all areas has been exceptional. Proline provides us with full accounting support, along with assistance in locating quality contractors and suppliers. Our Council and AGM meetings run smoothly with their guidance on all aspects of compliance with the Strata Act, largely because their staff are long-term and very knowledgeable.

Doug Hannan & Dave Farrar

Eagleridge Estates

Proline is without question a superior management company in terms of their people, service, expertise and ethics.

Residential property management is a very challenging field but Proline is clearly committed to maintaining a high standard within the industry and to continuous improvement. As value – added services, their frequent round tables for presidents and council members are worthwhile and informative and the forums the hold are professionally done and very well received.

Chris Lawson


Andrea Williams has been a steady voice at our council meetings this year, when most of our councilors were new to the work. Andrea too was new to us, but provided a steady voice from the start, with practical logical input. She is widely knowledgeable and pleasant under difficult circumstances. I certainly was aware of her guidance and leadership. She is much appreciated in a tough job.

Beverly Beaton

The Avenue

Proline Pulse - Community Edition Winter 2023

We are pleased to present the 9th edition of our Proline Pulse – Community Edition newsletter. This edition includes a Bulletin covering the recent changes to the Strata Property Act and Regulations, as well as a number of other industry updates and learning opportunities.

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Proline Winter Newsletter 2023

We are pleased to present the 9th edition of our Proline Pulse – Community Edition newsletter. This edition includes a Bulletin covering the recent changes to the Strata Property Act and Regulations, as well as a number of other industry updates and ...
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