June Update – June 15

We are back from an unplanned mini communication hiatus! We have been sending out an email every two weeks, but technology got involved, and it’s been a month since most of you received an update. If you missed the post, which features a final summary (including a news clip) of the beard shaving and fundraising mission, as well as a link to the Condo Chatter webinar recording with Andy and Tony from CHOA, you can access it here, on our website.

Going forward, we will likely send email updates on a less regular basis, as changes are happening at a slower pace, though that will depend on what information needs to be shared.

General Meetings

As previously noted, we are continuing to hold electronic general meetings with voting by restricted proxy. As the state of emergency is extended, and strata corporations encounter new needs with respect to general meetings, we are expanding our approach with different ways to hold electronic general meetings depending on the size and need of each strata community. We are trialing holding electronic general meetings with real time voting with a few select smaller buildings, which involves adapting currently available technology to stratas’ needs. There are still challenges around real time voting and registration processes that need to be solved in order to ensure clarity, fairness and equal accessibility for all attendees before using this structure on a broader scale. However, we are committed to finding the best way to satisfy the needs of strata corporation, and so are actively pursuing these options.

While we look forward to getting back to in person meetings in the future, both our WorksafeBC requirements and Real Estate Council of BC guidance is to continue restricting in person meetings where other means of meeting are available.  We continue to be impressed by the turnout, the questions and the quality of discussion we are able to share with our strata communities at the electronic town halls.  Thanks to everyone that is helping make these such a huge success!

Hot Topic

Much of the current discussion in strata and rental buildings centers around the feasibility of reopening amenity spaces, including gyms, pools, hot tubs and other common areas. There is a lot of cautionary information available, but no definitive answers on how best to approach the issues. What is clear is that there are significant requirements for any reopening plans, including on-site staff being present in gyms and fitness centres, at minimum, to monitor, ensure appropriate use and distancing and clean the area and equipment. WorkSafeBC regulations also require that users be screened before using the space, appropriate signage is developed, equipment is removed or re-arranged to help with distance, staff are protected, and reporting structures are in place for any issues encountered. With regard to swimming pools, VIHA has provided verbal guidance to many clients, though it is often conflicting, and WorkSafeBC has also recently issued protocols regarding pools, which are linked below. Your strata council and property manager are working together to approach these responsibilities carefully, with the priority of keeping everyone safe and healthy. If you would like to learn more, there are a number of resources available including those listed below:


Vancouver Island Health Authority:


Vancouver Coastal Health

In addition, a significant portion of the Proline Condo Chatter webinar with Tony from CHOA was related to the reopening of common area amenities. You can access a recording of that webinar here (password is #InfoSharing2020).

As always, thank you for your continued support and please take care of yourselves and each other!

Your Proline Management Team

June 15, 2020

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