We believe that sustainability involves taking care of the environment and being a part of and supporting the local areas in which we live and operate. For us this means that we support local business wherever we can, give to local charities, support community events, support local education and do the best we can to lessen our impact on the environment. We've also implemented a paperless system to greatly reduce our use of paper by converting documents into digital form. We feel this will help our footprint be smaller, boost productivity, save space, make documentation and information sharing easier and keep personal information more secure.

Think Local First
We believe in supporting friends and neighbours and this is why we invest in our community whenever possible. We are a member of Think Local First who are the only registered non-profit society of locally owned, independent business that seek to promote the social and economic benefits of shopping local in the Greater Victoria Area. We've joined to support and strengthen locally owned, independent business and maintain jobs,preserve and enhance our unique neighbourhoods and business district, and get consumers to commit to spending more dollars with locally-owned businesses.

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)
As the managers of a LEED Platinum development with a significant array of green technologies and philosophies, we are exposed to many of the latest developments in green living and have been able to use many of the lessons learned at other developments that we manage.

Beyond Blue Box Household Recycling
We have an active Green Team within our office and are always improving our impact on the environment at the office and at the properties we manage. We currently sponsor a colorful 24” x 36” wall map showing recycling locations that accept common household goods. The maps are free to Proline Management buildings in downtown Victoria, Vic West and Oak Bay. If you think one of these maps in your common area could reduce the load on your dumpster, ask your property manager for one. You can also print your own from